8. August 2014

Saphirblau Filmpremiere

10552421_10152242611206987_5043215642360655831_n Siri Svegler: I visited the fabulous designer Andrea Schelling Couture # Tragbare Poesie today. What an experience! As soon as you arrive you can sense the magical creative energy in her work space, and it doesn’t take long until the clothes start talking to you; each piece telling its own unique tale in it’s own unique way. How fitting that her creations are also referred to as “Tragbare Poesie”, (in engl. Wearable Poetry.) It’s as if each garment has a soul, a life and a story of it’s own, and as a wearer, you are invited to become a part of that poetic tale. Not only do you wear the clothes, the clothes also carry you and allow you to express your own story. I can totally see why her designs are so sought after for film, TV, and theater productions. And what to wear for the film premiere on Monday? Well, the choice is obvious!